Join Nicole Ulrick for a revolutionary workshop that is designed to shift your yoga practice and teaching by learning how to:
  • Amplify personal energy as a teacher and practitioner
  • Elevate the awareness and application of energy currents in the asana practice
  • Harness the group energy and ground the classroom environment
  • Recognize and safely release the emotional obstacles that have blocked or distorted the optimum flow of energy
  • Apply energy balance through asana adjustments
  • Broaden your awareness of and sensitivity to subtle energy forces and the ability to manipulate and harmonize all frequencies
  • Influence your class, community and environment with your attuned energy
  • Shift your teaching and practice to a new vantage point by recognizing that energy currents are as tangible as the physical movement
  • Clear the way for the body to self-correct
  • Reside in a space of clarity, compassion and empowerment
Energy can be heard, seen, felt and experienced.
Enhance your yoga practice and teaching with a deeper application of alignment and coherence on physical, energetic, social and spiritual levels.
Nicole Ulrick
Yoga Instructor
Reiki Master
Thai Yoga
Personal Trainer
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Based in the Los Angeles area, Nicole Ulrick is a pioneer in the industry of holistic health both as a teacher and an entrepreneur. Her studies have set the groundwork for ongoing programs infusing yoga, reiki, pranayama, Thai yoga therapy, music and several other mastery methods of wealth in health.
Date: Nov 17th, 2013
Time: 1:00 - 3:30
Location: ThirdEye Yoga, WeHo, CA
Price: $35